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Dear fans of good wind music performed by youth orchestras, as well as fans of the dance choreography of majorette bands and the movement creations of music bands - the so called 'Marching and Show Bands' - Welcome to the festival web pages that will introduce not only our town and its rich history, but also the festival atmosphere that always pervades in our town for the three days of the festival in order to bring pleasant experiences from the music and dancing youth. Let us also invite you to visit our town at the time of this celebration of music, that has become forever interlinked with the town of Cheb and which Cheb organizes every two years as a performance festival, known all over Europe and overseas under the name of FIJO CHEB. We are looking forward to seeing you from 30nd June to 3th July 2016. On behalf of Cheb, the FIJO CHEB 2016 organizers.


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Orchestr 2016:

Batoto Yetu - Portugal
Batoto Yetu is Cultural and Youth Association with focus on african music and dance.  Batoto Yetu Portugal target group is the youth, children and adults with ties to the African culture. Its philosophy rests on the belief that, regardless of people’s socioeconomic conditions, the recognition and appreciation of their cultural roots is fundamental for their fostering their self-esteem, sense of belonging and social inclusion. Since its founding in 1996, Batoto Yetu have helped to socially include over 1500 young people (including musicians and dancers) through the arts in its workshops and various activities. Throughout this time period, over 350 performances have taken place in both national and international stages including the United States, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Angola, Cape Verde, Senegal and several performances on television shows. In our artistic performances they use traditional african dances mainly from Angola, Congo, Senegal, Cabo Verde, South Africa, Guiné Conacry. The majority of their elements are portuguese with cabo verde and angola origins. Batoto Yetu was founded with the support of Oeiras City Council and the Luso-American Development Foundation and is recognized today by the High Commision for Immigration, and the Portuguese institute for sports and youth. Currently, Batoto Yetu Portugal is carrying out several social intervention and artistic projects, and is always seeking new opportunities that will enable it to reinforce its work especially in its main intervention areas (social inclusion through arts and culture, promotion of interculturalism, and immigrant entrepreneurship). In addition to the rigour and beauty of artistic performances, we value the social and educational component namely through improving the school performance and training of each member as well as their relationship with the group.

Brianza Parade Bandfrom Veduggio con Colzano 
(Monza Brianza, Italy), operates under the internation al lights since 2000.
In the past years we attended a lot of National and International events, and we were present to a lot of manifestations and 
concourses dedicated to the Marching Bands: since 2009 we attended the IMSB Championship, in which we have conquest 
the first prize and the title of Italian Championsip 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2015 editions.
In 2015 Brianza Parade Bandjoined the World Championships of Marching Show Bands 
in Copenhagen, provided by the WAMSB Organization, finishing in 19th place on 48 groups. Brianza Parade Bandis co nducted by her Drum Major, under the direction of the Chairman Roberto Luppino.

The Youth Wind Orchestra OSP Krasocin - Młodzieżowa Orkiestra Dęta OSP Krasocin

(Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship), is one of the oldest wind band in the mentioned area. There are 45 members, but the list is still growing.     
It was founded in 1905 and initiated by the parish priest Teodor Urbański. From the 1926 it has been sponsored by the OSP – Voluntary Fire Brigade.
In 2002, the post of the bandleader was taken by Mr Bartłomiej Robak. One year later it has become the best wind band in Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Since 2005, the MOD OSP Krasocin has started the collaboration with the group of majorettes caled APLAUZ and their choreographer, Mrs Iwona Dusza. Nowadays their shows are accompanied by majorettes performances. Both groups charm the audiences with their profesionalism, presence, fresh youthful enthusiasm and a various repertoire that includes orchestral and band transcriptions, modern music, folklore, pop and many other genres.
Competitive Awards:   
- June 2015 – 2nd place at 23rd Poland's Festival of Wind Orchestras (Category: Concert) and 1st place (Category: Showparade), Płock;    
- June 2014 – Grand Prix of 42th Poland's Festival of Youngest Marching Bands, Inowrocław;
- August 2015, August 2013 – 1st place (twice) at Poland's Overview of Marching Bands, Rowy
Distinctive Events:         
- International Music Bands Festival in Nova Dubnica, Slovakia 2015      
- Balkan Folk Fest, Bulgaria 2014 (2nd place)      
- Summer Music Festival in Mińsk Mazowiecki, August 2013;    
- 3rd International Music Festival in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany 2011    ;
- World Grand Prix Volleyball Women Teams, Kielce 2009;         
- International Music Festival "The Gold Trumpet" Kozy 2008;  
- Europarade of Marching Bands, Suchowola 2007.


The Lyuben Karavelov High School Orchestra from Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria was created in 2009 as an expression of the local musical talent. The first young musicians were 10-11 years old. Their first performance celebrated the start of the school year in 2009, when there were 12 participants. After long years of relentless effort, the orchestra has developed a varied repertoire and counts 27 permanent musicians. It has taken part in a number of festivals and competitions in Bulgaria and won several awards. The orchestra has also taken part in festivals in Poland, Hungary and Germany. All the musicians are local pupils from the school and are very proud of their own achievements. The orchestra has become a symbol of prestige and plays an important role in the local community’s life.

Jugendblasorchester der Stadt Auerbach im Vogtland


DECHOVÝ ORCHESTR MLADÝCH KRNOV - The Youth Wind Orchestra of the music school in Krnov Czech Republic
The Youth Wind Orchestra of the music school in Krnov Czech Republic was founded in 1961 by Mr. Karel Dospiva, who worked with the orchestra until 2010.
High demands of conductor and regular hard training led the orchestra among the best ensembles of this type in the Czech Republic and abroad. This is evidenced by consecutive victory in the national competitions of the “Youth Wind Orchestra of the Music Schools” from 1971 until 1990 and many victories in abroad competitions (e.g. absolute winner of both concert and marching competition in Neerpelt in Belgium in 1983, absolute winner of concert competition in Rostock in Germany in 1990, etc.). The last big success of the orchestra was the international competition of big wind orchestras in Ostrava Czech Republic in June 2015 where orchestra won in its category two great awards – the “golden zone with honor” which is the highest rating category and the prize for “the best interpretation of compulsory composition”.
During its existence orchestra participated in many big festivals and competitions in Czech Republic (Kmochův Kolín, FEDO Štětí, FIJO Cheb, international competitions of wind orchestras in Brno, Prague, Ostrava, etc.) and many times represented on abroad festivals and competitions (United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia). The biggest event for the orchestra was the concert tour in the USA in April 2008. Since 2010 is the artistic director and chief conductor of the orchestra Mr. Luděk Tlach, who is a former member of the orchestra and a current teacher of the Music School in Krnov. The second conductor is Jan Procházka. Nowadays orchestra has 62 players and still holds high artistic quality.
Since 1987 orchestra cooperates with the majorettes group Majorettes Kynšperk nad Ohří Czech Republic”. Orchestra and majorettes together participated in many festivals and competition in the Czech Republic and abroad. The most valuable joint success is a performance in the famous Royal Albert Hall in London in 1991.

Majorettes Kynšperk nad Ohří 

DYCHOVÝ ORCHeSTR A MAŽORETKY NOVÁ DUBNICA - Slovensko - Brass band orchestra and majorettes Nová Dubnica
The brass band orchestra and majorettes are organized as a civil association. It is not a professional music and dance group. They participate on different social events, concerts and international festivals. Its repertoire is a variety of different types of music from national and international composers. E.g. marching compositions, folk compositions, current modern and Latin-American rhythms.
The brass band orchestra was established in 1975. Its founder, the former director of the Art School Štefan Baláž, brought up his follower, a conductor Vratislav Hruboš from the members of the orchestra. The post of the conductor was also held by Štefan Vlk, Michal Ševčík, as well as Leoš Staněk, who became later an art leader of the orchestra. The group of majorettes was founded in 1977. Since then the brass band orchestra and majorettes are inseparable part. During their existence they have achieved a lot of success at home and abroad, as well. Among the most important festivals belong: Podtatranský festival, Pádivého Trenčín, FIJO Cheb, Kmochův Kolín, San Remo festival of flowers, Verona festival and others. The brass band orchestra gave concerts also in many European countries like Poland, Hungary, Germany, Italy and France. At the present, the members of the group are students from the primary schools, high schools and universities as well as the employed people who have been within this group since their childhood. The brass band orchestra and majorettes heve been organized as a civil association since 2002 with the chairman Pavol Šveda. The creative leader is Antonín Maděra. The choreography of majorettes is lead by Zuzana Balážová and Zuzana Plšková.

SDRUŽENÍ DECHOVÉHO ORCHESTRU MLADÝCH ZLÍN - Youth Brass Band Orchestra Zlin Associatio
Youth Brass Band Orchestra Zlin Association (YBBOZA = SDOM Zlin) Youth Orchestra Brass Band Orchestra was found in 1946 in the city of Zlin, under the Sokol sports organization, by its longtime conductor and artistic director Mr. Karel Travnicek. Despite the difficult beginnings, the orchestra had some high level achievements over many years and it occupied first places in its category during national competitions. The young brass music naturally follows and continues as the Youth Brass Band Orchestra Zlin Association (Zlin SDOM), since in 1997. Basis orchestra is made out of young musicians, whom are internally trained and educated, starting at the age of 9 and are mainly from the city of Zlin and its vicinity. Since its inception (in 1946) till present the wind orchestra has raised more than 2,000 young musicians , many of which had become outstanding musical professional or they are involved in educating of upcoming generations of young music followers. The current conductor and artistic director of the orchestra became Mr. Libor Mikl, with his colleagues Petr and Tomas Cernoch. Integral parts of the orchestra are 3 groups of majorettes and twirler aged 5 to 25 years and a dance group led by sisters Alice and Anna Krcmar. SDOM Zlín regularly presents its concerts and marching performances not only in Czech Republic but also abroad. For the outstanding artistic quality is the assembly regularly invited and screened at international competitions and performances, featured in Norway, Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Russia, etc., where this band has won several first prizes and top awards. Orchestra’s repertoire is very rich also. In addition to the classic Czech brass and Czech folk songs the classical tunes are included. Let’s not forget the world of musicals and film world performances, compositions for large wind orchestras and the orchestral and rock songs. Besides the concerts and marching performances, the orchestra offers cultural program for variety of social, sporting and other events.
The Majorette’s Group was formed sometime around 1997, basically just as a whim of the conductor of the Youth Brass Orchestra in Zlin. Currently, the group is divided into six smaller groups – three groups of majorettes aging from 4 to 22 years old, a dance group with a focus on standard and Latin dances, twirling group specializing in particular shows a group of competitive cheerleaders and street dancers, which deals with different styles of dance and cheerleading. In the repertoire, we do not have marches only, but the show also includes dance music, solo and duos props, swing tunes, choreographed with dancing musicians or even the cancan. During our performances, you can enjoy not only a great dancing, choreography, nonstandard, classical majorette’s stage pieces, but also new moves from the world of twirling, the plethora of costumes and enjoyment. For nearly 15 years, we accompany our musicians around the world and around our country, where we refine the skills and capitalize on competitions, too. We are members of the Majorettes Association. As a group we were placed third festival site in Štětí a German Rödemis we in 2007, together with a brass band occupied the Golden Zone. Since 2006, our group regularly occupies the top positions in competitions, focused primarily on the combination of sticks and various props.


Our Band was formed in 1981. Our goal is to maintain, support and carry on German minority music culture in which the local German Selfgoverning Body helped us a lot.
In the beginning the band worked within the frameworks of the music school and from 1991 as an association with national and international success. It is a great pleasure to us that the Pászti Miklós Music School provides the new generation of high qualified musicians. Meanwhile, the starting number of 15-20 increased to 80-100 although there were several who left the group because of their studies, marriage or moving to another town. Despite that the standard is still the same proved by the recent success in the country and abroad. Several musicians chose music as a profession, including national and international winners of competitions. Early on apperances were organized in Mór with the help of local associations and continued in neighbouring villages and factories with more and more supporters. The first invitations to other countries followed and our international relationships formed. The time arrived for qualification which we renew every 5 years. 'The last such was in November 2001. The band achieved international gold in the category of show and concert band and prominent international gold in the category of German minority music. In the category of march and lawn show the band was qualified with gold for three times in Italy. 
Our art leader and conductor is Sándor Acsai from the very beginnings. The repertoire consists of some hundred compositions including german, classic and modern works as well. By now 1 LP, 3CDs and 3 cassettes apperared and these got to 54 countries around the world though different sponsors, partners and diplomatic channels. There have been 28 apperances abroad, we visited Germany, Italy, Austria, Chech Republic Poland and Romania more than once and once Finnland, Estonia, Izrael and Croatia. 
We have reached great success in Szolnok on March 24th 2001. We won the contest named "With Culture at the Gates of the West" National Festival organized by the Ministry of National Cultural Heritage in the wind band category. It was a great honour to us that we had the chance to represent Hungary at the first European Union Wind Band Festival in Cheb, Chech Republic between 1-4th July, 2004, where we played with the bands from the 25 member states and Russia. Since 1996 an international wind band festival is organized every two years within the programme of the town� Wine Days. 

We have invi-ted 48 foreign bands. 
Many in-land and fore-ign honours and awards show our achievements. 
Our main sponsors are the Self Goverment of Mór and the Commitee of the Hungarian Parliament for Human Rights, Religion and Minorities. We would like to thank hereby the great help provided by the Community Centre, especially Ferenc Erdei and Margit Dankovics. In 1996 the Band got the Pro Urbe Award from the town of Mór and in 2004 conductor Sándor Acsai also received this honour. The pictures were taken and the past and present event in the life of the band. 

The leaders of the association: 
1991-1995 Chairperson: Mrs Sándor Acsai 
Secratary: Sándor Katona 
1995- Chairperson: József Grell 
1995-2004 Secratary: 


Městský dechový orchestr Cheb - Cheb´s Youth Wind Orchestra
was founded in 1958 by Mr. Václav Kučera. In 1977 the orchestra was taken over by Mr. Jaroslav Novotný.
Under the leadership of both conductors the orchestra gained high repute and
acknowledgement not only at home but in foreign countries as well. From the
year 1994 the leader is a former member of the orchestra, graduee of Army
Conservatoire, Mr. Jiří Smitek. The orchestra has taken part in competitions
and festivals in following countries: Norway, Sweden, Holland, France, Austria,
Russia, Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy and Canada.
The group of majorettes are an integral part of the orchestra. This dance group has been led by Ms. Jaroslava Havlíčková since
1991. The biggest successes that they together reached recently:

The FIJO CHEB festival is a non -
competetive show of youth wind orchestras with accopanying programmes of dance
groups. Since its founding it has become a festival people search for in the
most western part of the Czech Republic. Since 1970 the town of Cheb becomes,
biannually, the place of meeting young music bands. The orchestras of young
musicians present their music maturity in their public concerts. The reward for
their performances is the welcoming applause from the spectators and listeners.

The programme of this show festival
contains, beside its perpetual rules, features which change in order to bring
into the well - established tradition animation – concerts of big bands,
concerts of temple music in the St. Nicolas´ Church, big disco party for the

To the traditional features of the festival
belong Friday´s ceremonial lining up of all the participants, where every
orchestra introduces itself by playing the national anthem of its country, and
ceremonial defile in front of the main platform in the square. Saturday´s march
through the town, when all the participants take place in, end again in the
squre where the orchestras with their majorettes perform short march show. This
event became a very popular show for the visitors of the festival. The point of
culmination of the festival was the Music show of orchestras and the groups of
majorettes and the closing ceremony with fireworks at the sports stadium in the

In the remaining time between these events
there are another programmes running and another performances of participating
orchestras on concert platform not only in Cheb.

The range of activities of the paticipants
overcomes not only the borders of the town of Cheb, but even the state borders.
The orchestras get the opportunity to perform in the time of the festival in
close spa towns, whose high repute since the time of their existence reaches
all corners of the world. The closest Františkovy Lázně (6 km) were founded in
1793, Mariánské Lázně (32 km) in 1818 and Karlovy Vary (48 km) are renown after
its founder, the emperor Charles IV. All these spa town have been visited by
important personalities from the culture, science, politic world and even the
leaders of many countries have spent their free time here.

Since 1990 chosen orchestras perform during
the festival in German border towns as well. (Waldssasen, Markterdwitz,

The festival has become very popular not
only with the citizens of Cheb, but is often visited by Czech and foreign

The festival runs from Friday to Sunday.
The participants arrive already on Thursday.

Alongside the musical and social experience
the participants and the visitors have the opportunity to get to know rich
history of the town of Cheb and to find out about the beautiful nature scenery
of the region during the festival.




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