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Dear fans of good wind music performed by youth orchestras, as well as fans of the dance choreography of majorette bands and the movement creations of music bands - the so called 'Marching and Show Bands' - Welcome to the festival web pages that will introduce not only our town and its rich history, but also the festival atmosphere that always pervades in our town for the three days of the festival in order to bring pleasant experiences from the music and dancing youth. Let us also invite you to visit our town at the time of this celebration of music, that has become forever interlinked with the town of Cheb and which Cheb organizes every two years as a performance festival, known all over Europe and overseas under the name of FIJO CHEB. We are looking forward to seeing you from 30nd June to 3th July 2016. On behalf of Cheb, the FIJO CHEB 2016 organizers.


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The FIJO CHEB festival is a non -
competetive show of youth wind orchestras with accopanying programmes of dance
groups. Since its founding it has become a festival people search for in the
most western part of the Czech Republic. Since 1970 the town of Cheb becomes,
biannually, the place of meeting young music bands. The orchestras of young
musicians present their music maturity in their public concerts. The reward for
their performances is the welcoming applause from the spectators and listeners.

The programme of this show festival
contains, beside its perpetual rules, features which change in order to bring
into the well - established tradition animation – concerts of big bands,
concerts of temple music in the St. Nicolas´ Church, big disco party for the

To the traditional features of the festival
belong Friday´s ceremonial lining up of all the participants, where every
orchestra introduces itself by playing the national anthem of its country, and
ceremonial defile in front of the main platform in the square. Saturday´s march
through the town, when all the participants take place in, end again in the
squre where the orchestras with their majorettes perform short march show. This
event became a very popular show for the visitors of the festival. The point of
culmination of the festival was the Music show of orchestras and the groups of
majorettes and the closing ceremony with fireworks at the sports stadium in the

In the remaining time between these events
there are another programmes running and another performances of participating
orchestras on concert platform not only in Cheb.

The range of activities of the paticipants
overcomes not only the borders of the town of Cheb, but even the state borders.
The orchestras get the opportunity to perform in the time of the festival in
close spa towns, whose high repute since the time of their existence reaches
all corners of the world. The closest Františkovy Lázně (6 km) were founded in
1793, Mariánské Lázně (32 km) in 1818 and Karlovy Vary (48 km) are renown after
its founder, the emperor Charles IV. All these spa town have been visited by
important personalities from the culture, science, politic world and even the
leaders of many countries have spent their free time here.

Since 1990 chosen orchestras perform during
the festival in German border towns as well. (Waldssasen, Markterdwitz,

The festival has become very popular not
only with the citizens of Cheb, but is often visited by Czech and foreign

The festival runs from Friday to Sunday.
The participants arrive already on Thursday.

Alongside the musical and social experience
the participants and the visitors have the opportunity to get to know rich
history of the town of Cheb and to find out about the beautiful nature scenery
of the region during the festival.



The FIJO Festival 2016 start 30. 6. 2016. 


The FIJO Festival 2014 is on the end. Thank you all so much. 



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